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Do Database consumption calculation include time spent in Network I/O.?


Wanted to understand is time spent in Network I/O is used to calculated time spent in Database consuming..? For Ref.

Response time for the request is 51 s, The time spent in Network I/O is 42 s and time spent in database consuming is spent is 45 s.

We never observed Network I/O showing up in past PurePath processing time.

In below PurePath processing time, Database consuming is 20 s, but Dyntratrace doesn't show Network I/O even though there was Database calls.

Also Response time calculation consider Network I/O or Database Consuming..?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Other means time that cannot be assigned because of some conditions (it may sometimes be IO as well). In general Dynatrace is monitoring DB statements from application ednpoint (mysqli, JDBC, ADO.NET etc). So we do not exactly know how log statement was processed on Database endpoint. We know that whole transactions from aplication point of view took some time. For example 40 s. In this is network communication, aquisition connection pool (if it's not separate node on PP), executing statement on DB engine etc.



Regards, Sebastian

@sebastian k. Thank you for quick response. One question - Response time calculation consider Network I/O or Database Consumption or both - which I dont think is the case.

Both, as I said. Dynatrace does not know what was time spend on network I/O and what on DB engine (and other steps if they are any). Dynatrace can only calculate it as whole transaction. In this case SQL Response time is calculate on all those parts of transactions that you've mentioned.


Regards, Sebastian

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