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Downgrade/rollback of OneAgent


I've been tasked with coming up with an automation that would roll-back the current version of OneAgent (on RHEL) to a previous version.  Is a rollback mostly a matter of running the /opt/dynatrace/oneagent/agent/ and then performing an installation of previous version?  I understand that the new versions of configuration files might not be compatible with an older version of software, but I don't really see any good way around that.


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @crewsr,
Your assumption is right. In the really rare case that a rollback is needed, the way to go is first Uninstall (with the and then install the previous version.

What about process/container restarts in between? If you just uninstall + reinstall, wouldn't you still have the new code modules injected into the application processes?

Hi @kalle_lahtinen,

You are right, you would need the process/container restart as it's a new version of the OneAgent code module which is injected into the application processes. So using the Dynatrace UI to validate which all processes would need the restart will help the respective team to know the specific entities to restart and not the entire application. 

There is an Product Idea that asks if it is possible to downgreade over the Plattform insted of upgrade: If you think this would be helpful, please vote 🙂

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