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Dynatrace one agent(Linux) installation failed


Hi Team,

We're trying to install Dynatrace one agent using azure Linux VM extension. Installation gets failed with following error. We've checked with firewall team and traffic seems to be flowing OK.

Any kind of idea/guidance would be much appreciated.



    "status": "Failed",

    "error": {

        "code": "VMExtensionProvisioningError",

        "message": "VM has reported a failure when processing extension 'oneAgentLinux'. Error message: \"Installation failed:ERROR: Agent installer failed\"\r\n\r\nMore information on troubleshooting is available at "




DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi Sourav,

I think you need to check the logs to be able to identify the issue.

  • Windows Virtual Machine Scale Sets: C:\WindowsAzure\logs\plugins\ExtensionName\Extension.log
  • Linux Virtual Machine Scale Sets: /var/log/plugins/ExtensionName/Extension.log

for more details please check the following links that might help you in troubleshooting the issue, also, you can open a support ticket and include the logs and screenshots as well


to open a Dynatrace support ticket: 

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