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Dynatrace_onepCap detected as malicious


One of our customers has flagged an executable file known as Dynatrace-onepcap.exe and it is signed by Dynatrace.

The security tool has flagged and associated it to Dynatrace under folder c:\program files\dynatrace\oneagent\agent\pcap\dynatrace_onepcap.exe quoting "potentially malicious"


pcap (1).PNG

Has anyone come across this and is it the same npcap/winpcap Packet Monitoring driver or is this a different executable?

Please let me know in order to clarify to the client.

Dynatrace Certified Associate

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @echwallah,

Could you share with us what tool was used to detect the file as malicious? This would help us a lot.

We had a similar support case, but we got a reply from NPCAP developers, that this was a false positive.

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