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Get information of database MSSQL and show it in a problem


Hi everyone. I'm using Dynatrace as a service.
I need to monitor the quantity of rows inserted in one MSSQL database table.
It is very important for out bussiness that the rate of inserted records remaind acceptable.
If the quantity of inserted record gets down, we would like to crete a problem in Dynatrace, in that way, the responsable person could attend the incident.
The seller told me I probabily could get this functionality throught custom metrics. I have been searching but
I have not found anything that help.
Could anybody give an idea? It is possible to do something like that?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Custom metrics can be helpful here. But it will not be as easy as just click through interface. You will have to create Custom Network Device and use some kind of script on MSSQL side that will count rows and send info about it to Dynatrace Cluster. After this you can set threshold for this metric via API as well. Then you will have what you need. After violation Dynatrace should rise problem.


Regards, Sebastian

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