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Hosts not reporting to the mentioned Management zone


Hi Team,

Dynatrace One Agent has been installed on the windows servers and hosts are reporting on Dynatrace when no filter is applied. Also we have host enabled for the management zone, when we apply filter with the host enabled management zone, the hosts are not showing, Could someone help me on this issue ?



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Your management zone definition is incorrect and does not include the host entities. It only depends on how the rules for the management zone are defined. In the management zone definition you have show the preview of the entities which will be assigned to the zone.

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Hi Julius_Loman,

I have set the rule as Hosts where Host tags equals 'Management zone : name of management zone 

and added the tag in the host as well,

Could you guide me or correct me if i'm wrong.

Any help would be appreciated



Dynatrace is flexible to follow different ways to do it, but I like:

  1. Set a host group and metadata with extra information (environment, purpose, owner...).
  2. Create automate tags base on host group + metadata.
  3. Create management zone in relation to tags.

For example, Hosts where Host tags equals to "your tag".

Best regards

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