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How can I split a service into few services?


1. Create new process - achievable via 'custom process group detection rules'

2. Create new service - achievable via 'custom service detection'

3. Split a process group into multiple process groups - achievable via 'Process group detection flags' and/or 'Process group detection rules'

4.Split a service into multiple services - any suggestion?

Best Regards,

Wai Keat



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Basically your number 1-3 cover all the use cases. If you have a service you want to split into more fine grained services you can create a new service via custom service detection.

Any specific use case you have in mind?

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Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

May I ask what the use case is here?

* Splitting a PG means that the processes involved are actually separate deployments. A PG is a group of processes that form a cluster and deliver the same functionality. This one splits it because this is not the case.

* a custom service is something different. It is meant to define a service for deployed services that dynatrace does not automatically detect. While it can be used as a workaround for splitting, that is not the use case here.

Thus it all depends on what your use case is, why is it that you need to split a specific service. Just splitting for splitting sake is not something we encourage.



Hi all,

I've managed to achieve what I want to achieve by simply using process group detection.

Long story short, after rounds of discussion we find that the problem is: There is one java process for each country, but OneAgent groups them all together into one.

So, I use process group detection to split out the one java process into multiple java processes by using parameter that is unique to each country. Finally with a little creativity in service-naming rule, problem solved.

In the end, I get mutiple service with the name blablabla_TH, blablabla_MY, blablabla_SG, blablabla_PH and few others.

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