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How can we disable getting database statements?



Could you tell me how we can disable getting all of the database statements?

Is it possible to do that?

Our customer wants to do that for security purpose.

We have already know that what personal data is captured.

But they need the information.

Best Regards,

Noah Kobayashi


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

No sensitive data is captured in database statements and there is no ability to capture them. They are just in form of "prepared statements" with all actual data stripped. You can just see table, column or procedure names.

With disabling database requests monitoring you will miss important parts of the application landscape.

If this is still considered sensitive, I believe Dynatrace support can turn off capturing requests (e.g. disabling instrumentation for code accessing database) for a particular process / process group.

Anyway, I would strongly recommend not to disable it. You can try to disable access to the entities with managed zones, but depending on your application it may be difficult as you can't use the NOT operator - so you define object users will have access to and not objects the user is not allowed.

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