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How is the interval of sending measurement data from OneAgent?



Could you tell me the interval of sending measurement data from OneAgent to Dynatrace tenant?
We suppose that there is the difference between sampling data like hardware resource and the data based on transactions.

Our customer(infrastructure and network Ops team) wants to know how OneAgent sends data to the Dynatrace tenant.

Best Regards,

Noah Kobayashi


Dynatrace Advocate
Dynatrace Advocate

Hi Noah,

Metrics, are being aggregated on the agent already and are only being sent of every minute.

Transaction data, on the other hand, is sent incrementally all the time. Finished transactions are being sent off almost immediately, while processing (so mostly long-running) transactions are being updated every few seconds.

HTH Rainer

Hi Rainer,

Thank you for your answer.

It is very helpful.

Thanks, Noah


For aggregated metrics, is it possible to change interval time of sending data to dynatrace server? say if i want to get data for every 10s, how can I change this value? (we're currently using `dstat` on linux to monitor status and statistic is sent in 10s delay between 2 updates)

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