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How to configure Requests to public network service



In my environment there are some web services that communicates outside local network, so the target IP Addresses of these requests are public IP and the target domains are external domain.
So that I expected to have the related requests inside "Requests to Public networks" service, but this doesn't happen for all.

So my question is which criteria Dynatrace use to groups requests inside service "Request to Public networks".

For example this request is inside "Request to unmonitored hosts" but since the target IP is a public ip address, I expect to see this request inside "Request to Public networks".









DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If the target domain are external domains, you have several options. You can convert it to a separate service by clicking on the button exemplified below:



If that doesn't work in your scenario, you will probably have to go through the API route:

Antonio Sousa

Hi Antonio


Ok this is helpful, and this is what I would like to do, but before doing so I've to move this request from "Request to unmonitored hosts" to "Requests to Public networks".

Currently, this request is inside "Request to unmonitored hosts" and this is not correct because as reported in the screenshot the target host has a public IPV4 Address (the strange thing is the IPV6 part that is:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0.)

Hi Antonello,


To create separate services from the "Requests to unmonitored hosts" you will need to use the service detection API like Antonio mentions.


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