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How to ignore 503 status code for a page


We have a status page for our site that our load balancer uses on a per server basis to tell if we are in the middle of a deployment. If everything is normal, it returns a 200, when we start a deployment we set a variable that tells the page to return a 503. Each time we do a deployment Dynatrace reports that the service is down (as it should in its default config). I'd like to tell it to ignore error code 503 from that particular page but cannot find how to do that. Note, I still want it to give us an error if the page returns any other 500 status codes beside 503. Is this possible? If so, where?



You can do this on the service's error detection page. See the attached screenshot. On that page you can specify any response codes to be detected as errors. If you do not want 503's to be reported as errors you would change the default to 500-502, 504-599.

Hope this helps!

Thank you @Hayden M. I've confirmed that there is no way at this time to ignore a certain status code for a single URL. We are opting to change the status code we are emitting during a build so it is outside of the 500-599 range as I'm not comfortable ignoring all 503 for the entire site.

No problem David, glad to help!

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

You might consider using downtimes, instead...

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