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How to view all key requests?


How to view all key requests defined in the environment. And then I can export it



It is best to have a corresponding service name

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


One option can be from multidimensional analysis:

  1. Filter only key requests.
  2. Add service name in split dimension.
  3. Going down right and Export table.



Or using data explorer with table visualization, for example this query:


Best regards

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Thank you very much, but this does not reach the final result I want. What I want is the key request of the whole environment, and I can only get a part of it through your method, which does not meet my expectations. Thank you very much for your reply.

Thank you very much, your following example is what I want, if can attach the corresponding Srevice name, it would be best


You can add "parents" and service name appears in another column:


You can export it as CSV:


Best regards

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Is this showing only the top 100 key request?


Yes, this method can only see 100, but the text at the bottom can see all of them

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

no, if there is no limit attached (in advanced mode) for a table then there should no limit apply and the result should show all tuples of service + request pairs. Potentially 1000+ 
e.g. I removed it here and the count jumped from 20 to 48. So in this environment, I have 48 defined key requests. 




Is there a way to adjust the limit? currently maximum is 100 as defined.
Data Explorer Count limit.png

TLTR: please switch to Table or Honeycomb, then you can change/remove the limit.

These are the two we believe are scalable with 1000+ items. All others would either suffer in terms of GUI performance or would often (e.g. graph) not make sense with more than 100 different lines, slices,... you would just not perceive any differences anymore. 

A graph with 10 metrics (limit) would result in 1000 lines, which means you see almost nothing anymore. The visualization becomes meaningless. 



Are you on managed?  I am guessing so and less than 1.266?  

1.266 removes this limit.

Managed release notes:

SaaS release notes:

Data explorer and dashboard table enhancements

Platform | Data explorer

We have made the following improvements to the table visualization:

  • Columns: In the Data explorer table visualization, use the checkboxes in the Columns section to enable and disable the display of columns. These selections are reflected in the resulting dashboard tiles.
  • Rows: In the Data explorer, you can remove the limit to see more than 100 rows.
  • Pages: In the Data explorer and resulting dashboard table tiles, tables are automatically paginated. Use the controls under the table to page through tables.
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This might be the reason why i am still getting the limit of 100. Our Manage Nodes are 3 updates away to 1.266 version.

Yes, that would be it.  Work with team to update to 266 or above.  Some great new items that are beneficial.  

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DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

create a dashboard.  I did this and copied the dashboard to each environment.  i have added mine dashboard to this so you can use.

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Thank you for your reply. Thank you

What a great dashboard you made! Can you share something else? Look forward to it

Share something else?  what you need?

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Sorry for not replying to your message in time. You made a great dashboard. I don't have any specific needs at the moment, I just want other refined and simple dashboards. Of course, if it's too much trouble, don't. Thank you very much for your reply.

No worries, just trying to help where I can.  They do have a lot of dashboards pre built that you can pull at

I have used that for many dashboards.

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