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Is it expected that new search is useless and need to wait proper implementation?


Just simple comparison on how new search is bad:




Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Hi @Viachaslau. Selecting the second result ("Search support resources") will get you the results you're looking for.



The results would now include all relevant support resources, not only results from Documentation. If this isn't sufficient to address your use case, I encourage you to suggest a Product Idea, and if this is sufficiently supported we can consider reintroducing doc results in the search.


Ok, well It was concept "navigation in the app via search" 
Was - context real time elasticsearch, with real time links to settings, menu, external links
Just get all you need- do 1 click

- blind search, navigate, click, click again
Brilliant UX) 


Try to jump to any internal setting now:



Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Searching for settings will be available early next quarter, and will be followed by searching for Hub listings. We're also working on improvements for searching for monitored entities.


Ok, please don't do worse than it was
E.g,. Just in the 1-st example in old search you can see context and 3-5 matched results for "alerts" search token

Now.... just click inside "search resources" and maybe here will some answer
It is set back to maybe 20Y old UX before very first inline search was invented...
(technically the is inline search but UX doesn't use its benefits.)
Peoples in commerce are fighting for every click in conversion goals...


I agree with @Viachaslau, this is a significant loss in UX.  This has been a huge selling point on how accessible Dynatrace data and documentation is. Personally, I don't see any reason to switch to the new UI based on this single lost capability.  Being able to effortlessly search everything immediately is profoundly useful for a quick overview of the current situation/impact as well as potential gaps in data/observability and knowledge.

What's more concerning is that the search functionality is frequently evangelized during Dynatrace training classes and has still been lost. So it appears that y'all haven't really had a comprehensive internal conversation about how these changes are going to impact users.  That is REALLY worrying when considering the rollout of Grail.


In my view, given the desire to provide new functionality, stay ahead of competition, etc., the overriding obvious driver should be the user experience. Loss or broken functionality, constantly changing look and feel may frustrate some users/developers  who do not have much time to get accustomed to the new way of doing the same thing.

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

I don't think the response is what @Viachaslau was looking for. His point was that the new UI requires extra clicks and effort to get to information that was available in a single click in the Classic UI.   

Your example proves that you now have an extra click to reach the same information.  But at the same time you put a hidden result set between the users action and the desired end-result.  

Let's say I'm looking for something but i don't know exactly what it's called.  In the original search you enter 'custom notification' instead of 'custom alert'.  You instantly can tell your search didn't get you what you wanted. So your immediately try a new search term to roll the dice and try again.  This is a very quick, iterative process. 

In the new UI you type 'custom notification' you then have to click 'Search support resources' which brings you to a webpage outside of the UI. Where you look and realize your search did get you what you wanted. If your searching for something that could be in the UI vs in the support resources you may need to go back to the original search window to try again.  You had a good thing going in the Classic UI, maybe the Gen3 UI wasn't ready for prime time yet.

I wouldn't want to have to create and RFE for this because this is something that should have just been.  Over the past 3 years we've been providing feedback to improve the UI and it was getting there it was getting better. But now with the new Gen3 UI, in some areas, we've taken a step back; maybe it just needs more time but in that time it seems no improvements are being made to the Classic UI while we wait for Gen3 to catch back up.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

It seems the Search function in the new gen doesn't work for Smartscape


Please retire the current search and just bring back the old search..... you cant always know the exact vm name or ip address etc. Being able to search accross entity types and names and attributes was so valuable. The inline search was one of the best functionalities of dynatrace. One click to find any resource. And now we have to guess the category and try over and over. Its like we are in 1991 and coding in Visual Basic 1.0.

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