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Is it possible monitor load test traffic (JMeter) in Dynatrace via Agentless ?

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I've used JMeter load each XHR of my website (Dynatrace Agentless) but I can't see traffic in each default visualization.


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @kwanchai,


Dynatrace would only be able to correlate XHR actions with the distributed tracing if the web or app server is monitored by OneAgents. In other words, distributed tracing would be captured if you have OneAgent monitoring and capturing the code-level information. Here is a document that can share some more details:


Try to validate if the application requests are captured under services? That would share with you the details of some Distributed trace level information that is triggered by the application.


If they are missing, then Dynatrace would not be able to like the XHR actions with the services that are triggered by the JMeter load test. Here is the document which will share more details to link cross origin XHR actions with the traces:


Kind regards,

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Hi Abhi,

You mean If i want to track traffic when i load test via JMeter It's support only OneAgent ?

In this case i used Agentless not OneAgent.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


JMeter doesn't execute Javascript client side, so it won't appear in RUM. RUM stands for Real User Monitoring, and JMeter tries to emulate real users... You will get the requests in Services though...

Antonio Sousa

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