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Is it possible to download the Memory dumps from Dynatrace UI?

hi Team,

After triggering new dump , is it possible to download the dump from the UI itself if the user has required permissions.





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You have to have ActiveGate that is available for your computer via WebBrowser (proper network permissions needed). This AG have to be configured as storage for memory dumps. Than you will be able to download memory dumps via GUI.


Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

We have configured Active Gate as mentioned in the document and when we trigger the dump it's getting triggered but it shows as 0 B as size in the GUI.

We have created the required folders and required permissions has beeen assigned on the AG level. Post trigger we can see summary.json file in the AG dump folder with error message can it be before AG do we need any similar permissions on the host level as well where the process is running?


Check agent logs and AG logs. 0B means that dump was not properly created. If it is .NET core there was fix in last few updates (we faced the same issue) so be sure that you are up to date. I suggest executing dump and collecting support archive from agent

Regards, Sebastian


is there any way that we shall view the .core file , I know abt superdump but I was that successful in setting up the application

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