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Is there a switch to toggle from full-stack to cloud-infra mode?

There is a switch to toggle between 'monitoring enable' and 'monitoring disabled'

There is a switch to toggle from cloud-infra to full-stack if I install OneAgent in cloud-infra mode.

If I install OneAgent in full-stack mode, there seems to be no way to turn it to cloud-infra in Dynatrace UI. Is that correct?

If it is not, then how do I do it?



Hey Wai,

For the host, go to the Host Settings -> Monitoring Mode. You should see a toggle to switch to enable/disable Full Stack monitoring. This requires agent 129 or higher.




There is a switch to toggle this in the "Edit" settings of a host. See here:

Does that change requires Application restart ? 

Turning it from full-stack to infrastructure mode will disable the code level monitoring right away - no restart required. however the application code will still be instrumented until it is restarted.

If you're turning it off to troubleshoot an application failure, restart the application to be sure all the code instrumentation is removed, and not just disabled.

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