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Locate use of dll from processes



Is there a way to find out which processes use particular dll and eventually also its version (.NET)?


Kind regards,

Martin Kulov


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DynaMight Legend

Sure it is! Unfortunately it cannot be seen in the UI, but when you use the Monitored entities API and look up your process group instances, you can see relations to other entities of SOFTWARE_COMPONENT, which represent the loaded library (.net, java, ...).

For example use this simple entitySelector to query software list of components of a process group instance - just replace <entityId> with the ID of your process group instance:



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Thank you @Julius_Loman !

Looks like this selector returns only entityId, type and displayName.

Inside in displayName is some notion of version but it is lacking the full version info from the assembly.

Is there a way to get the assembly version properties?


I am trying to see the values for additional entity attributes like customizedName, detectedName, packageName, etc.

However the api by default returns only values for entityId, type and displayName.

How can I list any additional attributes?


Thank you,


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@mkulov I'm not sure if Dynatrace collects this detail, unfortunately. 

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Thank you.

Any idea how to show the rest of the attributes like customizedName, detectedName, packageName?

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