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Monitoring API Gateways


We are being asked if there is any Dynatrace solution that allows us to monitor the consumption of APIs (published in https).

Let's imagine we have an API Gateway (https) published, and these APIs are consumed by other applications / services.

The requirement is to be able to monitor the consumption (volume of requests) made by consuming applications / services on the API's pool.


Then the following questions arise:

- Would be the Request attribute (web request) + Custom Metrics approach useful?

- Other approaches that you consider feasible for this need?

- Is there perhaps something planned in the product roadmap?


Many Thanks



suppose that you have the ability to install Oneagent on the host/appliance that your Api Gateway is running on (and there is compatibility in the stack of technology that is used for the agent to be instrumented) you'll have the visibility on the Api call that are passing via your gateway.

Here of example in my tenant:

The visibility on the varius Api will be then splitted in the standard way you can have for every service on Dynatrace.

Now for the other part: you want to track from wich application (or services) the Api are made in order to see the consumption of a limited pool.

Implicitly by doing a backtrace from one of those api that you see in the image you'll know who is the caller on the frontend side (app. or serv.) and by doing so you'll know the consumption per caller (better visibility if you also have oneagent installed)

Now: how many Api do you have?
If it's a few I would configure some key request knowing that I can track them quickly and have the retention secured: you can then put them on a dash (if it's enought for your need) or extract them periodically with Dynatrace api.

Otherwise I'll go with a calculated metrics.

Hope this helped you


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Yann B. is spot on with this. And like he mentioned, you can always put the Oneagent on your activegate for complete monitoring and alerting!



Assuming by api gateway you're referring to the KongHQ Api gateway, is that a correct assumption? 

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