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Monitoring traffic between a host and middleware through a Loadbalancer having two IPs on both sides


Hello Team,

I want to monitor the requests and responses (traffic) going between my mobile webserver: x.x.x.41 and the services on a Zencore middleware: x.x.x.54. In-between my Webserver and Middleware, is a Loadbalancer: x.x.x.118.

Oneagent is installed on the Webserver and I can see the traffic between the Webserver and Loadbalancer, but not between Loadbalancer and the Middleware.

Pls. note that the Loadbalancer has two IPs on both sides: x.x.x.118 which is facing the Webserver, (receiving requests from the Webserver) and x.x.x.27: posting the requests to the Middleware. I can represent the traffic flow as follows:


Could you assist me to figure out what I need to do to see the traffic accross the Loadbalancer IPs up to the Middleware?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

This usually happens when a load balancer is dropping the x-dynatrace header that is used to stitch PurePaths together. If that happens you will get PurePaths on each side, but they will be disconnected from each other. Are you seeing PurePaths on the Middleware tier at all?

Dear Dave,

Thanks for your response. I am NOT seeing any purepath on the middleware tier at all.

In that case, the most likely issue is your Middleware tier is using an entry point that we do not capture out of the box. The next step in such a case is to identify the entry point and define a custom service that creates PurePaths. Is there a developer that can point you in the right direction? If not, you can use CPU Analysis under Diagnostic Tools to try to locate an appropriate method to start the transaction trace.

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