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OneAgent Error during PCF deployment


We are in the process of implementing App only monitoring on our Pivotal Cloud Foundry Apps. One some of them we are getting an error when trying to fetch and update the OneAgent config. What can we do to fix this.  You can see form the error below the app is able to connect to the SaaS tenant, download and install the OneAgent but then errors out. 

2023-04-12T15:24:27.647-05:00 [STG/0] [OUT] Dynatrace service credentials found. Setting up Dynatrace OneAgent.

2023-04-12T15:24:27.647-05:00 [STG/0] [OUT] Downloading 'https://{environmentid}' to '/tmp/'

2023-04-12T15:24:32.389-05:00 [STG/0] [OUT] -----> Starting Dynatrace OneAgent installer

2023-04-12T15:24:33.490-05:00 [STG/0] [OUT] Dynatrace OneAgent installed.

2023-04-12T15:24:33.493-05:00 [STG/0] [OUT] -----> Setting up Dynatrace OneAgent injection...

2023-04-12T15:24:33.494-05:00 [STG/0] [OUT] [31;1m**ERROR**[0m Failed to fetch OneAgent config from API: Get "/v1/deployment/installer/agent/processmoduleconfig": unsupported protocol scheme ""

2023-04-12T15:24:33.494-05:00 [STG/0] [OUT] [31;1m**ERROR**[0m Error during agent config update: Get "/v1/deployment/installer/agent/processmoduleconfig": unsupported protocol scheme ""

2023-04-12T15:24:33.494-05:00 [STG/0] [OUT] [31;1m**ERROR**[0m After Compile: Get "/v1/deployment/installer/agent/processmoduleconfig": unsupported protocol scheme ""

2023-04-12T15:24:33.498-05:00 [STG/0] [ERR] Failed to compile droplet: Failed to run finalize script: exit status 13



hi  vonsolo29

You are following the next documentation? 

Deploy OneAgent on Pivotal Web Services for application-only monitoring

your aplication its supported ?

Technology support

what type of aplication you are trying to monitor.

Maybe a docker container Application only ?

One agent on container for application monitoring only

or maybe you want to only monitor the traces of a jar app 


i dont have experience in Pivotal but i assume that its a container technology right ? 

hope that someone with experience in PCF could help you but take in count answer the path you are following and the versions of the tecnology you are using. 




fuelled by coffee and curiosity.


Yes, we followed these steps for Pivotal Web service App only monitoring. They call the containers in PCF diego-cells. The app is Angular/IONIC application.


We are actually migrating the apps from our Managed environment to our SaaS environment.  We updated the dynatrace-service parms with the new SaaS environment and then restaged the app. 


This is working for some apps but others are receiving the "unsupported protocol scheme" error above, and the app fails to start. When we switch the parms back to our managed environment the app starts fine. 

if you can show us the how you are configuring, hiding some of the parameters could be usefull. because some times when a api says  unsupported protocol scheme , it seems more like a put something else in the parameters, 


some time ago i was doing a implemntation with OTEL and have a similar error and was because i was closing the api key with " " "  , i just delete the  " and worked fine.  sometimes its about the http:// vs https://. 


could be help full more information or try doing a ticket. 


fuelled by coffee and curiosity.

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hello @vonsolo29,

If not possible to provide full logs or config you can open a support ticket, as I can see that the URL should start with api, /api/v1/deployment/installer/agent/processmoduleconfig

maybe the issue in the CLI version as well

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