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Oneagent on server without infrastructure resourses? May be somebody try this.

Hello all!

I have small question about oneagent:

How the dynatrace oneagent will work in the conditions of a deficit of server resources?

We have customer that have no resourses on productive servers at all. CPU load - 90-95% and no memory. All this is sad, but customer ask about how oneagent will work on this servers.

If someone has experience in this question share please to me and community. Thanks!



Hi Aleksander,

The OneAgent does only require a small footprint of a host's resources to run (generally between 0-5% CPU max, and only a few hundred MB RAM). If there is no memory available, and the CPU on the host is that high all of the time, putting the OneAgent on the host really wouldn't be advised.

A conversation should be had with the customer to try and give that host a bit more resources to utilize before looking to add monitoring.

Hope this helps,


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