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Pricing for Application Security Module


I was going through the pricing and in that for Application Security module, Full stack monitoring or Infrastructure Monitoring is a pre-requisite. In Infrastructure Monitoring its $22 for per host. per host means the centralized host which manages all in which Dynatrace will be installed or it goes for individual host?
Like if an organization has 2 centralized hosts and 20 containers. So $22 will be for centralized hosts or each of 20 containers?


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hi @TestUser ,

Host unit licence is memory based (full stack or infrastructure) so it depends on the monitored hosts (VM or kubernetes cluster worker node size or in a special case an instrumented pod memory limit) memory size. 

For example in classic full stack instrumnetation mode your 2 centralized node should be covered by host units. eg. 2x64 GB. On the public DT side the list price is 22 usd/month/ 8GB = 352 usd / month for your 2 cetralized host with 64GB memory. Or apponly instrumentation mode your 20 pods with memory limit of 4GB then hu lic calculation result 220 usd / month. In case of limit less pods the worker node memory size will be calculated for the pod limit so in csae of 20 limitless pod 20X64 GB 3520 usd / month.

Application and Infrastructure Monitoring (Host Units) | Dynatrace Docs

I stronly recommend the full stack monitoring instead of pure infrastructure moniotring. (and limits for you pod in case of app only instumnetation 😉)

I hope it helps.

Best regards,


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