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Trying to tight Oracle session ID, owner and sql statment togeter


GM Team,

I can find SQL thru database option.

How can I find it owner and session ID ?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


The list of queries you see in the Database section, is the list seen from the application perspective. The owner and session ID are not visible.

If you use the Oracle Insights extension, you can view additional information, namely SLD identifiers from the Oracle perspective.

Antonio Sousa

Thank you so much Antonio,

I don't have Oracle insights!!

Here what I try to accomplish

There is a performance problem (Sound familiar ?)

I use to use OEM find out which Session, owner, from which machine what SQL are the culprit.

Would you guide me to use Dynatrace to find the culprit ?


Many thanks


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You can install Oracle Insights in Dynatrace: There is an older version, and the new one in the Dynatrace Hub:

You'll have to connect it to your Oracle database, but it will give you further insight, besides the normal APM information you already gather from Dynatrace.

Regarding your performance problem, you should be able to tackle it easy with Dynatrace. But you might want to get more details about how Dynatrace works, first. I would suggest you take a look at Dynatrace University, more specifically the ones about APM & databases. Take a look in

Antonio Sousa

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