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Use wnership in management zone definition


How can I leverage the new "Owners" values in a management zone definition?  


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi @Tim_Stewart ,

The concept of "Owners" is a little vague here, as Dynatrace has the ability for you to now add Ownership to Teams, but I'm not entirely sure of what you mean by a Management Zone definition, as I currently don't see any configuration for that in the UI. Could you clarify what you're trying to leverage here? 

The primary purpose of the "Ownership" ability is for you to be able to segregate and give teams specific access and privileges to entities. In terms of leverage, and if you're referencing the Ownership of these entities, the docs do have an example of some of the Best Practices that you can utilize in order to maximize the potential of these definitions:


Dynatrace ACE Services Consultant

Coming from the managed environment, we are heavily "management zone" centric and have AD groups mapped to each MZ to allow individual teams to self-manage their "stuff".  Because of this, moving to "Ownership" tags makes sense but I don't understand how we can leverage both. Since MZs are often used for filtering classic objects, is it no longer going to be used in "Gen3" items?  If we go "all in" with Ownership, how would we know what is included in each team's realm of management if we cannot filter by owner (like we currently do with MZ).  How would we setup alerting profiles if we are not using MZs.  Basically, I want to know how we can combine MZs with Owners -- including the "owned entities" in a team MZ so that it will be included in their respective alerting profile.  Perhaps this is all in transition but feel there should be a way to leverage both together. 

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You should be able to leverage the "Ownership" segment in your Management Zones. Granted, we have not started to leverage ownership just yet, but the value is stored as meta data on the entities, So I would suspect, you can use a similar rule to target the ownership metadata presence as well as the associated value for your permissions within the MZ. 

Do you have a few owners set up? can you try this example? 





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