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Visualize in-JVM-requests


When a defined web service (non-public, internal) gets called by another service (public) within same JVM (request never leaves the JVM, i.e. not load-balanced etc.) - the internal request is not counted and doesn't show up in a service flow etc.

Can this be solved in any way? I.e. I want to visualize these internal requests - and not only outside-JVM-requests.

Example flow: Client 1 -> Web server -> web service JVM x -> internal web service JVM x -> databases, external dependencies etc.

Current visualization in Dynatrace: Client 1 -> Web server -> web service JVM x -> databases, external dependencies etc.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello Mattias,

You could create a Custom Service based on the method invoked on internal web service JVM x

This will break up your service in two.

Let me know if you need more help with that.



Thanks, suppose I could. The service is already defined (automatically), but only reports statistics when not being requested by same JVM. Request over EJB internally and over HTTP "externally". Do you recommend me to still break up this service - even though it's already defined?

Yes, I think that by creating a custom service it will still receive the external calls + it will force to break the web service JVM x and provide the missing metrics.

If you feel more comfortable, you could try it first on a dev/test environment and the replicate the changes in production.

Thanks! Will create a custom serivce and see how that turns out.


Created - and tested - a custom service; works fine! My only concern right now is how to merge this custom service (in JVM-calls) with already existing service (other JVM-calls). What do you recommend? Ideally I would like to merge the services, as it's same code-base, only difference is what protocol that is being used to reach the services.

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