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Way to Identify Mgmt Zone Metric is part of


I make use of the v2/entities call often to identify what mgmt zone things are a part of. Recently we have ramped up ingesting metrics into dynatrace. After successfully ingesting the metric we configure the needed mgmt zone to have access to see the data for that metric. Is there a way to identify which mgmt zone(s) have access to these metrics being ingested in? We're seeing a lot of the access setup then weeks or months later someone says 'oh just put it into the same mgmt zone metric xyz is in'. I don't recall at that point so what I'm having to do is pull up the access of that person who does have access to the first metric to identify which mgmt zone i need to add a rule to.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If that metric has a entity page, then in the properties you should see the associated MZs.





Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi @sivart_89 ,


I am guessing you mean custom metrics, afaik there is unfortunately no direct way to add just a specfic metric to a MZ, since MZ are entity centric.

However you can tag custom ingested metrics, this means that you can also retrieve all metrics with the same tag via the API e.g.

GET against /api/v2/metrics and using following parameters:

params = {
    'metadataSelector': 'tags("my_tag")'



Thanks Mark for this and yes I was referring to custom metrics. I believe adding a tag will suffice for us. We can incorporate that into our procedure then have the mgmt zone setup to look for that tag.


Appreciate the information here.

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