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What is the type of memory dump that would be downloaded to Security Gateway?

It seems like only memory dump of file type .dmp would be downloaded to Security Gateway.

Is that correct? There is this one POC exercise where OOM occurs and memory dump are triggered. But somehow we can't download it from Security Gateway because it is not even there, in the end we have Putty into the server and export out the dump for analysis.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello Wai,

In the case of Java applications, the download provides the memory dump in hprofformat, which can be analyzed using a number of tools, including Eclipse Memory analyzer and VisualVM (see example below). The IBM JVM doesn't support hprof but its own format called IBM Portable Heap Dump (PHD). This can also be analyzed by the Eclipse Memory analyzer.

Dynatrace currently supports memory dumps for Java and Node.js processes only.

  • This feature requires OneAgent v1.127 or higher and Security Gateway v1.127 or higher.
  • Memory dumps for IBM Java require OneAgent v1.135 or higher.
  • Memory dumps download for "PaaS application only integration" require OneAgent v1.139 or higher.
  • Your application server must have adequate space available to store the heap dump.



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