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What "Disable default trace exporter" implications?


Hi colleagues:

From the below link I found if we want to manually instrument Java application with OpenTelemetry we need set OTEL_EXPORTER=none, what is the implications? which part will be impacted on dynatrace UI or somewhere? I do not have a good understanding of what does it mean? could you please explain more details about its impact?


Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hi there, I believe this is only needed when using the OneAgent to collect traces, this avoids that OTel data is sent to localhost.  As such this does not impact what you see in Dynatrace

We are currently using OneAgent to collect traces in our Dynatrace environment, so setting OTEL_EXPORTER=none should have no impact on our Dynatrace environment, am i right?

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