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Average Responsetime for one whole application in Dynatrace Managed


Is it possible to combine all requests within an application and calculate an average over these within the new Dynatrace Managed application?

For example I have application X that is detected by the following rules:
- domain matches

Now I can see every seperate request and that response times / visually complete times. But I'd like to know in 1 number the average response times / visually complete times over a month. Can this be visualised or retrieved via the Dynatrace API?

So far I've only found metrics that used MEDIAN as aggregation and could not retrieve ALL requests for a specific application. I would have to retrieve all requests and apply a average over those, but then I do not get the 'true' average due to averaging median values..We have done this before in AppMon but now we're migrating to Dynatrace we'd like the same values there.Kind regards,Melvin


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

You can use custom charting for averages. But you can also use our time series API.


As Alex posted above, this can be done through custom charting IF you have an Application correctly configured. It sounds like you do based on your rule above. Please let us know if these do not solve what you are trying to accomplish and we can take a further look.



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