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Best Metric to use for XHR action

Hello, Hoping someone can advice and help.

I have a single page application which I am monitoring using Dynatrace using agentless monitoring. The page load triggers multiple XHR requests in the background as I can see from the Dev tools. I'd like to understand what is the best metric to use to measure the response time of those XHRs.

If those XHRs are triggerred as a part of page load, are they be logged as XHR action? What is the difference between XHR action and XHR request?

I have attached a screenshot from one of my key page where you can see as soon as i load the page, I could see lot of XHR calls and fetch calls.

Can someone able to shed some light on this as it seems to be very confusing and there is no clear definition for this.

Best Regards,



Hello, i think xhr and xhr request are the same thing, and even the xhr are loaded with the page dynatrace will categorize as xhr and not load

Dynatrace continuously tracks user interactions with each page. If user interaction leads to XmlHttpRequests or fetch() calls, an XHR action is created. Dynatrace also detects if there are additional XHRs triggered in the callback of the initial XHR and so on.


The best metric to mensure the xhr time is the response time.

im gonna leave here some documentation pages about each topic, i think that they usefull



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