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Best way to meassure people using an application


Hi community!

I'm looking for some advice from you.

I'm looking for the best, or more appropiate way to measure "how many people is using a web application".

So far I come with the idea of using USQL to get the count of user sessions through the API, and send that number to a custom metric used by a custom device through the API.

But I'm not relying in what I'm doing.

This is the USQL sentence I'm using (I'm not good at this so it may be lot of room to improve this)

SELECT COUNT (userSessionId) FROM usersession WHERE useraction.application="web app"

So I'm querying that through the API, then parcing the result to get the number of sessions and sending the numbert to a custom device.
But I feel it should be a better way to show this.

As a result I'd like to build a chart to show this information in a timeseries.

Thank you and any feedback would be much appreciated.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hey Matias

Are you wanting to count Dynatrace users? If so, that can be done via the Audit Log and the API. You can extract unique users per timeframe there. Explore the API here:

If you are looking to get users in an application currently monitoring, yes that execution is what you'd need to execute. The detailed API on that is here:

If you're then looking to chart users in Dynatrace, you can use a Custom Chart and save it to a dashboard. If looking to chart outside of dynatrace, you can put that USQL data into an excel sheet and chart from there.

Hope this helps.

Bob Crumley

Hi @Bobby C.,

Thanks for answering!

Basically what I need is the same chart you have in the user sessions page, filtered by an application, but instead of having the bar chart, in a timeseries way, so I can use it on a dashboard.

I'm good with the completed sessions, so that is why I thought on using USQL since there's no built in metric to make a custom chart for this info.


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