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Browser Extension Survey - who uses it, at scale

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

I am wondering who is actively using the browser extension, in a production environment, and at what scale. Perhaps we can share some experiences.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

We have few clients that had issues with office365, it was solution for them to enable this for couple of hundred of users. 

Regards, Sebastian

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

We have a client with large amount of internal users were the extension was enabled company wide.
Goal to use it for a certain amount of internal applications where OneAgent or Agentless RUM isn't an option (yet).
We have currently a support case open, because it looks like with the monitor enabled on a certain application that application's performance is impacted, causing slowdown for all users. To be continued.

I'm curious to the outcome of your supportticket. I would appreciate if you can me know the outcome. 


I'm currently working with a team to roll out the extension early next year within the company in order to monitor an application which can't be monitored otherwise.


Kind regards,


I will do that Daan. Early suggestion @daniel_mihl , if you can do a load and stress test upfront, I would encourage that. 

A few things I can share up-front, not related, but noteworthy:

  • Deployed with Edge browser (in a Citrix VM environment) we had to use the Chrome extension instead of the Edge extension version; we were unable to force the extension configuration to the edge version (policy based), where the Chrome extension picked it up
  • The extension icon can not be forced hidden (by policy), only the user self can hide it
  • The browser extension does not support IE mode in Edge. The current effect is, that if the company uses still applications that puts the browser in IE compatible mode (like an old sharepoint version), besides of course not monitoring this traffic, the icon is not switched off to grey if you switch from a site that is enabled for monitoring (with icon 'lit'). Same effect as going to (tab with) browser internal functions like edge://settings