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Connection between injected web server and agent get lost

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


I have noticed that for some (long) periods no user actions are registered, but the web page still sends data to the RB_ , I concluded that there is something happening between the web server receiving RUM data and the dynatrace agent that has to ship this info to the dynatrace server.

In Appmon I remember there was a sepate web deamon who took care of this function. Does anybody know how one agent does this? Is it a port on a piece of SHM?

KR Henk



Hi @Henk S.


- Monitoring status for host (if you have HU limit on environment) will stop

- Ruxiagent is in the page ? Check via Chrome F12

- you perform Stop/start of services ? machine with old OneAgent running disappear more or less after one year


Hi Dominico,

Thx for your reply,

- No HU limit

- Yes agent is in page, and is also responding to beacon

- Yes agent and app are restarted

Kr Henk

Hi @Henk S.

i assume you have several host .. so issue is only on one Host?

and i assume when you check data were collected so is a "post mortem analysis"

the sizing of the cluster is in line with your traffic ?

Can be possible that during the pics sampling level is so high to have this effect ? Do you have "load reduction" message and or disk space message inside CMC (Manage) ?

Can be possible this machine has heavy network traffic ? If tcp/IP error increase Agent start sleeping in order to prevent system stability .. check retrasmission error on dynatrace

Can be possible machine Net adapter issue .. check host or other net component

I suggest you ask Dynatrace support to check Cluster, archive log on host, Agent log .. here is the answer.


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