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How to report on user clicks from a webpage


Hi, Our UX team wants to introduce a new page and to test if it will be used, they want to give a link to it on our app's home page.  We want to know how many users click on this new link within a month to determine whether to proceed with it or abandon - cheap user testing before even implementing the feature. How can we measure/report on this kind of action in Dynatrace? 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

this is really easy and is free - you can use a conversion goal! The goal can be set how you want it and will give you metric based off the amount of users who hit the main webpage, click on the defined goal entity and such. very cool feature - you can read up on it here: 


Thanks this looks exactly like what we need. I get the dreaded "you need admin rights" message when I try so I'm waiting for our monitoring team to implement or give me the necessary rights to give it a try. 

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Also you can use USQL

Funnel can be used to chart the flow of specific user actions like STEP #1, STEP #2. 

So you can easily find how many users have action with "STEP #2".


Romanenkov Alex


But, that is limited and wont give you percentages etc... 


In that case - only export to the side elasticsearch to avoid USQL limitations.

For most cases \ Customers needs - conversion is not works as solution for me.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

I think both the conversion goal and funnel are good use cases. 

USQL has the advantage of being able to see session level metrics like bounce, exit action, etc. So you could use USQL to understand...

1) How many people are going to the home page and that action in the same session

2) How many people are entering directly into that action (eg. being linked to it, search results, etc)

3) How many users are exiting that page

4) Number of actions vs sessions

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