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LDAP monitoring




I need to know what to expect from a LDAP monitoring done by dynatrace if we set the hosts in full stack. can it measure ldap specific metrics and events?

I know the difference between infra and full-stack mode but I need to know if i can get something profitable from monitoring ldap with dynatrace


Thanks in advance

Kind regards


Rob D.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi Rob,


The LDAP Synthetic extension is paid as part of the PES.


If you have Dynatrace Managed you can integrate your LDAP using this guide

The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.


Thank you DanielS. It's a DT SaaS but the plugin could be a valuable option.

I will try to know deeply how it works


Thanks a lot!!

Rob. D




Does anyone here have experience on this extension? What extra value does it provide compared to e.g. regular synthetic browser monitors which login to the target system via LDAP?


The Dynatrace Hub is a nice source of finding compatibility support info, but I wish these extensions were somehow documented, at least on a high level. It doesn't seem efficient to always ask from a sales rep, "so what does this extension do".