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LDAP monitoring




I need to know what to expect from a LDAP monitoring done by dynatrace if we set the hosts in full stack. can it measure ldap specific metrics and events?

I know the difference between infra and full-stack mode but I need to know if i can get something profitable from monitoring ldap with dynatrace


Thanks in advance

Kind regards


Rob D.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi Rob,


The LDAP Synthetic extension is paid as part of the PES.


If you have Dynatrace Managed you can integrate your LDAP using this guide

The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.


Thank you DanielS. It's a DT SaaS but the plugin could be a valuable option.

I will try to know deeply how it works


Thanks a lot!!

Rob. D


Hello Rob,

Do you integrate your LDAP in Dynatrace?

Are you satisfied?



Does anyone here have experience on this extension? What extra value does it provide compared to e.g. regular synthetic browser monitors which login to the target system via LDAP?


The Dynatrace Hub is a nice source of finding compatibility support info, but I wish these extensions were somehow documented, at least on a high level. It doesn't seem efficient to always ask from a sales rep, "so what does this extension do".

We will be using this extension to synthetically monitor LDAP endpoints for availability and response time, along with any specific LDAP searches.  LDAP is a protocol similar to HTTP; the URL used in this extension uses ldap(s):// as opposed to http(s)://

Dynatrace Certified Professional

Yeah, the extensions' documentation has improved quite a lot since 2 years ago when the above discussion took place. Now there are screenshots and instructions for configuration, etc. which give you a much better idea of what the extensions do. The LDAP plugin allows you to customize the LDAP queries in great detail, which is of course much more than just testing the login process via browser monitors.

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

I see two extensions for LDAP



What type of LDAP?

Here are some for Active Directory:


Here is the DT store:



Dynatrace Certified Professional

"I see two extensions for LDAP" -> No but the one named "LDAP" is not actually an extension. You can try clicking it, and it'll take you the documentation for configuring LDAP for Dynatrace Managed.

The "LDAP" extension is for administration purposes, and I too find it odd the link takes you to configuring DT authentication.  The "LDAP Synthetic" extension is an Active Gate extension used to synthetically monitor LDAP endpoints.

Both of these extensions shouldn't be tagged for real user monitoring in the Community.

Dynatrace Certified Professional

Does anyone know the current status of this plugin? The link gives 404 not found:

Searching with LDAP or Synthetic doesn't find the plugin anymore from the hub. Is there a plan to migrate this to extensions 2.0, or is the whole extension simply EOL?

I would also like to know.

It seems users are on their own regarding the migration of the paid legacy EF1 "LDAP Synthetic" extension to EF2...

Unfortunately the migration is non-trivial and IMO cannot be done without significantly modifying the Python code base and the documentation at Migrate from EF 1.0 - Python extensions | Dynatrace Developer doesn't really help much either.

Yeah Enrico I guess it makes sense why the migration has not been done by Dynatrace themselves, if it's not so straightforward and the usage is not on a high level.

@Mike_Lwould your team be able to provide any tips or guidance for migrating the LDAP extension to EF2, since it's originally your handiwork? Even if it's not that popular overall, many of your users are currently struggling with the migration.

The good thing about migrating this one is that it doesn't depend on any kind of topology or metrics. It simply does an API call to Dynatrace to send in the result. VS code should take care of the activationschema.json file, and I don't think many lines of code needs to be adjusted. We can always help out as a services engagement if you get stuck. You can also ask directed questions on the community.


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