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Monitor React native Mobile App


Do you have any news of the roadmap to Monitor React native Mobile App.As we are planning to go live by march 2020 ,so is there a chance to have this tool supporting by that time.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

You can use the Dynatrace React Native Plugin to monitor your react native app. This plugin is currently in the Preview stage and not final.

When can we expect that its fully supporting .We are planning to go live by march 2020

Beginning of next year is our goal to make the plugin GA.

Hi Just tried with the preview version but facing issues for ReactNative app in android .

any help on regards the same ??

Yes. Rename the beaconURL to beaconUrl in the dynatrace.config. This bug is already fixed and will be published soon. Don't forget to call npm run instrumentDynatrace afterwards.

Thanks it did worked !!

When we were using Dynatrace AppMon and enabled UEM in 2018 beginning, we were able to trace at the user level and get lot of information and track user issues effectively. However later that year Dynatrace Appmon was sunset and we starting using DtSaaS which didn’t allow these level of there way to track user specfic information with the DTSaaS??

Hi is there any information with regard to track user specific information with the DTSaaS??

Can you describe in more detail what you mean by track user specific information. What kind of information?

We are having the same problem, we will update the parameter and perform the test.

Thanks it did worked !!

Hello, I'm experiencing issues with the React Native app on iOS when I run the "npm run instrumentDynatrace" command.

my environment:

react-native-cli: 2.0.1

react-native: 0.59.10

dynatrace / react-native-plugin: 0.186.0

Android: 10

iOS: 13.3


Hello Gustavo,

I think you should create a support ticket. This section explains which information should be provided.

Thank you Thomas, I will create.

This happens when the library is not correctly linked. Try to unlink and link again.

We did it and it didn't work, the error continues.

Okay then you need to open a support ticket and we have a closer look. I can only tell you that DynatraceNative.PLATFORM_ANDROID is defined in the native part of the plugin. This error can only occur when this native part is not found. Check your XCode project and see if you can find the DynatraceRNBridge.m. (Maybe the project is not added correctly by React Native)

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro
import { Dynatrace } from '@dynatrace/react-native-plugin';

This is possible with the React Native plugin. Take a look into this Dynatrace class and you will see that you are able to report values as well. Until GA I will try to extend the documentation to insert those cases.

Thank you so much .Waiting to see the document.Also looking to track the screen information how the session has been maintained like this user is in this screen and landed to next screen .Also need information that i can have crash video that what led to the crash 🙂

This Manual instrumentation code is working fine in JS file but its giving error in tsx file ..need help since we thought that TypeScript bridge is available within this plugin

Hi Ancy, thanks for the report. I looked at it and you are right. I will try to fix this with the next release.

Thanks much.Any time line for this??mean for next release 🙂

We are currently working on changes for RN 0.62. But this change is already on the list. I sadly can't give you an exact date (probably up to 2-4 weeks).

Thank you for the information. No problem.

Thank this fix available now?

Yes. The fix is already available. I again checked code piece above and it works without any troubles.

Oh Ok Thanks.

Need a help we were not able to see the web request logs in dtsaas console ,can you help to enable the network performance and enable crash logs what is the client configuration needs to be done

This can't be explained or solved in short words here. You need to open a support ticket and we will take care.

Sure ...Thank you..!!

Can you help with the process for same??


Hi, i'm working with dynatrace on react app and i have a question, when open the app, i saw this error. Do you know for this? i tried run npm start --reset-cache, or remove cache babel with watchman command but it's still not work 😞Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 11.53.44.png


"react-native": "0.64.0"

"@dynatrace/react-native-plugin": "^2.257.1"

Android: 11

gradle: 6.9

==== babel.config.js =====

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 12.02.19.png

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