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Remove/Clear Cookies dynatrace application web

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We ran into a problem with the application functioning when enabling the user experience for a web application.

Due to an architectural problem that will be fixed, the authentication token was sent in the url and that made it extra large.

The reflection of this was that the dtSa cookie (URL-encoded action name) got the string value extremely large and caused the request to break.

We disabled the web application in the web interface but even so the values ​​in the cookie remained.

As a solution, it was necessary to pause the execution of oneagent on the hosts.

Is there any way to "remove" these cookies via the Dynatrace UI or a less impact alternative than pausing the oneagent?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Rather than disabling the Web Application you can also disable RUM injection on the Process Group serving the web pages. You can do so by going to Technologies > selecting your Process Group > Edit > Real User Monitoring.



In conjunction with Dynatrace Support you can also disable Real User Monitoring via the Troubleshooting section of Settings > Server-side service monitoring > Deep monitoring.


Though, sometimes cookies remain stored on your browser until they expire or are manually deleted. You might want to clear your browser's cookie and site data to be sure they're no longer generated.




Even performing the actions mentioned by you, the cookie became invalid only when we performed the oneagent stop. I imagine that after disabling the RUM in the "apache" process group, for example, the injection should have ended.

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