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Session Replay not rendering correctly



What are the troubleshooting steps to perform when Session Replay doesn't load your CSS or images correctly?

I have a demo app hosted publicly with session replay, so it should be able to grab those resources. I also have the extension in my browser and enabled. Finally, I didn't see any errors in the Chrome console. Any clue where to check next?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

What is the name of that extension you have running? is it synthetic recorder or Dynatrace RUM?


@Chad T. Dynatrace RUM

I reached out to support who stated that "Looks like your browser isn't able to grab the actual resources. Session replay basically is saving the session's resources and the user's actions, and when you play it back your browser is actually making the requests to where those resources are stored and playing back the users actions the exact way they were performed. "


But the ironic thing is, I generated the traffic from this same browser 😉 It's definitely able to hit those resources (without any auth required)


Just gonna post this here in case anyone else finds it - "Did you turn it off and on again?" Clearing my browser cache seems to have remedied the issue. I tested in an incognito window and it worked, so clearing my cache and then re-logging into Dt seemed to resolve the issue

Thanks, Brett, for getting back with a solution! Very much appreciated.

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Brett thanks for sharing this 🙂 those steps now will be at the top of my list when others run into a similar issue 🙂



Thanks Guys, I have the exact same issue 

Just a question, that means that Dynatrace is "recording" the session via html technology? Are the CSS stored on Dynatrace for the replay also? I mean, if also the playback uses the original content and file of the site, what whether the CSS or js is changed in the application with respect to the time of registration?

Thanks for the clarification 🙂



I still have this issue, I've tried what you mentioned but did not work, I see these issues:



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