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Visually Complete after Load


According to Dynatrace documentation, visually complete " automatically times out 3 seconds after the Load event end triggers. All elements that are part of the page at the time Visually complete stops observing the page are used for the calculation. "

Conversely, the Load event occurs when all elements are loaded into the browser. As I understand it, this is the onload event. This doesn't necessarily mean when all elements have been rendered in the browser - some elements may render after due to javascript running after onload.

Question - there may be instances where content elements may render after the load event. If so, what happens if content continues to render more than 3 seconds after load event? My concern is that I have observed some instances where a page may not actually display all data 5-10 seconds after load. So if visually complete times out 3 seconds after the load event, then it seems that visually complete will underestimate the actual elements rendering.

I have not been able to test this in Dynatrace since there is no way to visualize events rendering after load. However, in using Google Dev Tools in Chrome, and running a filmstrip, I observed that some page elements did render up to 10 seconds after Load.


I am not sure if there is a way to adjust the timeout parameters - IN the documentation, it says "

  • Inactivity timeout for load actions: The time the Visually complete module waits for inactivity and no further mutations on the page after the load action. Use the vcit property to define the inactivity timeout.

I am not sure if this means I can adjust the number to account for a page with script execution past the load event. For example, would setting this # to 10000ms be better? I am also wondering if readjusting the number has any negative side affects?


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello @Joe G.

I am sure that keeping in mind several factors, the configuration settings for enhanced Visually complete introduced.

You can adjust this configuration in the content capture of the application.