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What is the use of Web Checks In Saas...?


If at all this is for monitoring user performance and server performance and host performance....even we can do the same without creating web checks...?

could you please correct me if am wrong....


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

As you already mentioned "monitoring" should be done with full stack monitoring. Starting from the browser or native mobile apps using the Dynatrace OneAgent, the mobile agent for iOS or Android or in you can't use the OneAgent by adding our JavaScript tag or snippet to your html sources. The Dynatrace OneAgent will bring then also insights into the server side and monitors also your infrastructure.
Web check adds on top of this "passiv" monitoring the active part. With web checks you will bring availability to your applications even if you don't have real user data. You can test your most important pages or click paths from various locations over the world and also get a very stable base line on performance which is not influenced by your users connectivity or devices.

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