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Forced waiting for next step in HTTP Monitor



I developped an HTTP monitor.

In one step, I have to wait a few seconds before doing the next HTTP requests, and I have 2 issues:

1. Contrary to Browser monitors, we don't have the option "Amount of time to wait before the next event is triggered"

Are you planning to add it?


2. The only way I found to do a wait, was to use some not great Javascript codes.

And I got another issue: if I put more than 1000 ms, I obtain a Script execution timeout error.

I tried to change the option "Adapt request timout" to 10s (which is normally already the case).

But It doesn't work too: I don't know why, but the step can't take more than 1 second.

Is it a bug? Or is this restriction registered in another settings in Dynatrace?

If yes, where?


Many thanks in advance for your answer,


Kind Regards,




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

1) I am not aware of any plans to add a wait option for HTTP Monitors. 

2) There are some suggestions here for inserting a wait. 
As you found the default timeout out for a pre- or post-execution script is 1s, so using the

suggestion gets around this by using another request which you can adapt the timeout up to 60s. 

We are planning to make the pre- or post-execution script timeout be modifiable (up to 10s). This is currently part of a preview, so if the postman alternative is not suitable you can speak to your CSM or Sales Exec about joining the HTTP Monitors Advanced Settings preview. 

Synthetic SME and community advocate.


Thank you Hanna

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