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Monitor all events in browser monitor


Hello, I have a browser monitor with several clickpath events. I defined my key performance metrics as:
Load action: Load event end
XHR action: Response end

My clickpath events consist in loading the page, sign-in and redirect to the app. In the app I want to monitor an action, let's call it assign a task. This action is a patch request and then the table refreshs (2 get requests).

I want to monitor how long does each action take, but in the multidimensional analysis when I click on event, the only events that are being monitored are the first loading and the login that redirects to the app, my actions inside the app are not being monitored at all:


Please advice!


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Please can you enable Capture performance metrics for pages loaded in frames in Advanced setup of browser monitor settings and  enable disable-site-isolation-trials in chromiumStartupFlags in browser monitor script mode, as described here

Synthetic SME and community advocate.

Hello Hannah,

Still the same. I made a new browser monitor with the changes you mentioned and I can't see the other events. 

All I want is the see the events like in the docs: Number of actions consumed by browser clickpaths - Dynatrace Docs. And after login, Dynatrace ignores the events.




And I have 4 more browser monitors that have exactly the same type of events, and not one event inside the app, after login, is being monitored.

Is that after you made the settings update suggested?

What type of actions are you missing? Loads or XHRs?

Synthetic SME and community advocate.


I feel like this takes a lot of time to apply the changes I make.

I have done what you mentioned, but I still don't see the events. I'll make a new browser monitor will all these new changes and let you know the result.

One click event represents a patch request and 2 get requests, so I want to check the XHR and also the complete load of the page after all XHR requests.

Thanks a lot!

Can you ask on chat and provide a har file? Then we can see what how your site is working and provide more tailored suggestions. Thanks

Synthetic SME and community advocate.

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