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Scripting browser monitor for sites with invalid certs?

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Yes, first disclaimer is that there shouldn't be a need for scripting browser monitor for sites with invalid certs. Especially on the Internet. But, indeed, inside organizations this is still something not rare.

First thing I found is that it seems impossible to script a browser monitor when an incognito window is used, as following the Advanced button and trying to click the "Proceed ..." link doesn't yield any result.

I have figured out that the way around this is to not do the recording in incognito mode. The problem seems to be the same, but if one closes the recording window, and open it again, it will "remember" the option, and let you record the script. The playback also seems to work OK, but sometimes the alert message will come back, and one has to allow it once again.

This seems to work for the type of cert errors that I need, and also for other type of errors. To test these combinations, the sites referenced in are good testing sites. The normal measurements don't seem to be a problem also, as measurements don't check certs, as referred to in

Does anyone know of a way to this scripting in another form?

Antonio Sousa

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