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Spikes in Chart after Visually Complete 2.0 upgrade on March 4


I see Spikes in performance numbers for VC 2.0 version after March 4 upgrade for my Synthetic Recordings. 


The blog More visibility into user experience with new web performance metrics and enhanced Visually Complete... also talks about the same "Spikes in charts and slower Visually complete metric measurements occur because we are now more accurately determining the point in time when your pages become visually complete."


Does anyone know what has changed in terms of Calculation for VC 2.0 after the upgrade? I do understand we are calculating more accurate data but not sure what has changed?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

we ran into a similar issue. I would ultimately recommend opening up a support ticket as impacts such as this is not intended with upgrades. As I mentioned we had a similar issue and in order to stop the issue we had to reduce back down to VC 1.0 or reduce our javascript Library. While I don't quite remember the specifics, the VC2.0 gather more in-depth metrics and data for Dynatrace which was resulting in the performance issue. 


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