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Synthetic Browser clickpath for a url that does not change(single page application)




Is there a way to create clickpath for a website that uses single page application. In this instance when creating a clickpath, I noticed that the url doe not change when loading a different page, so basic it uses a single page with different views. This creates some kind of a confusing to the clickpath playback as it looks for the same placeholder in a different page.







DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Have you tried to use the synthetic recorder? It shouldn't be a problem with most applications.

Please note that the clickpath is not dependent on URLs, it can use several other forms of navigating through SPAs.

Antonio Sousa

Hi Antonio

I tried the synthetic recorder but keeping running into the same issue


Just to be sure, you recorded it in the synthetic recorder, but it doesn't play back?

If that's the case, it might be a little bit more difficult, as you can have an application that changes selectors or even the page dynamically. In this case, I would record it with the synthetic recorder again, saving the JSON scripts for each case. Then, compare the two scripts to see if they changed. If they did, then you have a dynamic application, and will have to try to get around it. If the two scripts are the same, then your application is static and you will have to probably check the selectors in the Developers tool console to check out if they are OK.

Antonio Sousa

Thanks Antonio

Let me try comparing the JSON scripts and will see what I get

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