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Synthetic Execution Types


We have a browser clickpath synthetic running every 5 minutes, scheduled through dynatrace not through something such as a cron job hitting the on demand execution endpoint every 5 minutes. When looking at the details of this synthetic I sometimes a execution type of 'standard' which I take it as being the standard scheduled run. I then sometimes see an execution type of 're-run' which I take as being a re-run of the synthetic because the previous run failed and because we have the 'Automatic retry on error' enabled within the outage handling. I have also seen an 'on-update' execution type. Is there any documentation on what these execution types represent?

I don't imagine the re-run and standard execution type is different than what I am thinking it is but I have no clue what the on-update type is.





Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Great question. There are 4 execution types for Browser monitors:

  1. Standard
    execution of a monitor with retry on error disabled or
    execution of a monitor with retry on error enabled that was successful on the 1st run
  2. re-run
    2nd execution (retry) of a monitor that has retry on error enabled 
  3. on-update
    1st execution made after an update to the monitor
  4. on-demand
    execution run using the on-demand feature
Synthetic SME and community advocate.

Thank you! Clears things up now.

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