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Synthetic Monitor - Private Location - Connection Timeout Error



I have an internal site that I am able to run clickpath of my synthetic monitor on my laptop. But when I execute it using the private location as a monitor would normally do, it gives me 12014 - Connection Timeout error. 


> Is this something wrong with the website itself where I need to open up some firewall rule for an incoming DT Connection?


> Is this something wrong with the ActiveGate setup for the private location?

(because from what I understand, a private location should mimic the connections as that of any other device on the company network/vpn connection and shouldn't be getting this error when trying to launch the site)


Thanks in advance for the help. 


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

First step is to be sure that the ActiveGate is communicating with the Dynatrace Platform. Check in "Deployment status" if it is there.

If it is showing up, than it should be an internal connectivity issue. Please verify if the AG has connectivity. If you access to it, that should be easy to check.

Antonio Sousa

So I have another Synthetic monitor using this same private location for another internal site and it is working fine. But this other monitor seems to give connection timeout error.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

But does this AG that gives timeout, appear in Deployment status?

Antonio Sousa

Its the private location that shows up on the list of on-demand executions.


Did you check if it is connectivity between the Active Gate used for executing that clickpath and the private site you are testing?

In our environment, we need to configure a proxy in all Active Gates that are launching tests to internal websites.

I have the proxy-off=true in my AG custom properties. 

Ok, so the AG has the proxy disabled.


- Do you use any proxy in your local PC to manually do the user navigation?

- Did you check the connectivity between the AG and the DNS of the internal application?

- No proxy setup.

- Connection failed. We are working with firewall team. 

Thank you!

Was there any reason for this , i am facing same issue if i use Private location for 2 environments one works fine other one shows Connection Timeout Error

Check the proxy setup on the environments  and if they match. Once I fixed my proxy issue, monitors started working. 

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