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Synthetic scripts browser clickpath, popup window



We have the following problem, there is an application (web) that we are trying to open, when we select an option from a menu, a pop-up window opens with a form. The problem is, that popup only works like this, it doesn't work like a new tab in the browser.
When we execute the recording, the pop-up window is not loaded, but is loaded as one more tab to the main sale.
Apparently there is some configuration in the application that prevents it from working as a tab, the session is closed. It only works as a pop-up window and we cannot continue recording and validate the data in the pop-up window.
1- We test the flow with the incognito window without recording and the popup window loads without problems.
2-We test the recording and the popup is loaded as a tab to the main sale.

Any solution, thanks.



Complemented the above

We have a script recorded with Vugen (Microfocus LoadRunner), this captures the dynamic values ​​through correlations and then adds them to the URL and makes the POST request, the server responds with 200 ok code and returns all the content of the sale (the body of the HTML).
and We do not suffer with pop-ups.
Is it possible to do this with dynatrace?

You can add dynamic values to urls using JavaScript events. You can capture the dynamic value and save it using api.setValue(key, value) and you can then add that value to a url using {key}. 


Synthetic SME and community advocate.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi everyone!


As this thread remains unanswered as of now, does anyone have some insights that would be helpful for future visitors and seekers? 🤔 


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Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

It is expected that the pop-up is loaded as a tab when run using Dynatrace Synthetic. I'm not aware of any work arounds for this. It might make a good Product Idea if you have an application that does not allow this. 


Synthetic SME and community advocate.

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