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Configuration change for reaching ActiveGates through private DNS instead Azure's public DNS. 

If you have created VMs in Microsoft Cloud Services such as azure and have got a public DNS name which is not resolvable from other private/virtual networks and have provided a private DNS name to the virtual machines. It might be difficult to reach the ActiveGates, if Oneagents are installed in other local virtual networks. 

If you want Oneagents to try the private DNS names instead of azure's public (which might not be reachable from other virtual networks), you would require to do a change in the file. This works exactly like the configuration of the load balancer for ActiveGates.

Configure the dnsEntryPoint parameter in the [connectivity] section using the following format:

dnsEntryPoint = https://<DOMAIN>:<PORT>

where <PORT> is optional and defaults to 443. For example for the ActiveGate:


dnsEntryPoint = https://FQDN:9999 (FQDN = private/local Fully Qualified Domain Name)


Please stop the ActiveGate before doing any changes in the file and restart the ActiveGate post configuration.





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‎05 Jun 2023 07:53 AM
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DynaMight Legend

Thank you for Sharing this @nadeem_m